The Sherkow Center for Child Development and Autism Spectrum Disorder
 is a not-for-profit organization formed to provide education, treatment, and research in the area of developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders. Our goal is to help all children achieve their optimal potential by using our psychoanalytic understanding of development, in addition to incorporating the most current neurobiological findings about the plasticity of the


The Sherkow Center provides the following services:

*Spark: our distinctive socialization and leisure group, that incorporates typical peers as buddies to serve as social models, mentors, and friends for children with developmental differences.

*Scholarships for children and adolescents in need of services, such as for our unique Spark group program.

* Training and supervising clinicians in Triadic In-Home psychotherapeutic  treatment, to provide services in the homes of families in need

* Support for our Beyond Diagnosis outreach program

* Community outreach through lectures, presentations, and informational events

* Peer groups for children, pre-teens, and teens that focus on socialization and development, as well as groups for mothers and newly diagnosed toddlers.




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