First Yoga Fundraiser: A Success!


The OM Factory NYC, April 30th, 2016

The Sherkow Center’s Junior Committee, headed by Ms. Carlotta Bettencourt, raised an amazing amount of money this past weekend after their first successful Yoga Fundraiser event, sponsored by Om Factory NYC 

Dr. Sherkow was honored to speak for a few minutes before the event began, about her own work, and the work and mission of The Sherkow Center. 

The class was led by Helene Kerherve, an amazingly talented yoga instructor interested in raising awareness for autism spectrum disorder. As Helene led the class through her “Caring Vinyasa Flow, ” her passion to help others shone. The Sherkow Center couldn’t be more grateful for her attention to our cause!

In all, The Sherkow Center Junior Committee raised more than $2,500!

These funds will go directly towards supplies, and scholarship funds for children in need who receive services from The Sherkow Center.

Most importantly, we are spreading awareness of the challenges and difficulties that children on the autistic spectrum face.

To all the attendees of the event: we cannot thank you enough for your support, and attention and compassion for this widespread disorder. We encourage you to share your experience with family and friends; if our message only reaches a handful of new people, our mission will continue to grow, and we will be able to continue supporting and aiding this unique population of children and adults.


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