Empathy and Caregivers of ASD Children

mother babyAn excerpt from Dr. Sherkow’s new book:

“It is our point of view that autistic symptoms, regardless of etiology, represent a final common pathway of neuronal processes that interfere with establishing adequate communication and empathy between child and caregivers. This disruption in interpersonal connections is difficult to repair or grow. Typically, the autistic child has moved onto an atypical developmental trajectory, having at some point lost the ability to communicate his needs and feelings to his parents. In turn, the parents have understandably reacted with fear, anxiety, disappointment, frustration, and remorse. Thus, a neurobiological disorder produces psychological consequences.”

– Autism Spectrum Disorder: Perspectives from Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience by Susan P. Sherkow and Alexandra M. Harrison with contributions by William M. Singletary, page xxvi

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