Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQ’s for The Sherkow Center :

Q: My child already receives in-school services. Would the Sherkow Center method be compatible with their existing services?

A: Yes, treatment at The Sherkow Center can function as an adjunct to other interventions including early intervention, behavioral therapies and occupational therapy.

Q: Does the Sherkow Center accept insurance?

A: No, we do not accept insurance, but we can provide you with documentation to help you seek reimbursement from your health insurance company for our services as an out-of-network provider. We also have a limited number of scholarships available for families for whom paying the full fee would pose a financial hardship.

Q: Why do you emphasize psychiatry?

A: As psychiatrists, we are equipped to bring a medically-informed expertise to every evaluation and treatment. This includes our ability to manage neurologically-based conditions, medication needs, seizure disorders, and track biological changes in the growing child or adolescent. Because we asses each child as an individual, we can integrate his genetic, medical, and psychological background and growth for a completely tailored, targeted treatment approach.