About Us

We advocate for The Sherkow Center method: bringing an individualized, psychodynamic intervention to the treatment plan for every child diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder or developmental delay.  

Relationships are at the core of our approach.

We believe in the importance of parent-child bonds.

We believe in understanding each child’s unique story.

We believe behavioral and developmental growth, emotional communication, and genuine social connections can be optimized by combining a psychoanalytically-informed approach with the latest neuroscientific findings.

Our Mission

The Sherkow Center for Child Development and Autism Spectrum Disorder is a not-for-profit organization formed to provide education, treatment, and research in the area of developmental delays and autism spectrum disorder. Our goal is to help all children on the spectrum achieve their optimal potential by integrating child and adolescent psychiatry and psychoanalysis with a neurodevelopmental perspective, to offer innovative, effective treatments in the context of the most current findings about the plasticity of the brain.

The Sherkow Center Method is a model of treatment that uses psychodynamically-informed, multi-focused interventions directed at the unique relational, cognitive, and emotional aspects of each child and parent-child relationship. Through the Sherkow Center Method, we empower every child to communicate and use effective behaviors to fulfill their needs, not only developing behavior regulation but also growing in their capacity for genuine social connection.  We thereby seek to foster the conditions at home, at school and in the social milieu that will optimize each child’s behavioral growth.