Triadic In-Home Therapy

The Sherkow Center offers training and supervision of clinicians in our Triadic In-Home psychotherapeutic treatment, to provide services in the homes of families in need. Our clinicians visit the home of a client family, in order to reinforce individual treatment methods and goals for ASD or developmentally different youngsters who are already in psychodynamic treatment.



Monthly Workshops

Throughout the school year, The Sherkow Center offers various free monthly workshops, which take place at our center and include drinks, snacks, and lively discussion!

The topics of each workshop vary, and may be all-inclusive or more limited in its discussed material to the following audiences:

  • for parents and caregivers of ASD children
  • for professionals who teach and/or treat ASD children
  • for pre- and post-doctoral students as well as specialists in play therapy with young children

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