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Spark’s Apple Season

For the first few weeks of this semester’s Spark group, we have had activities featuring apples in celebration of the fall season, and the apple harvest here in the Northeast.

So far, we have:

We tasted different kinds of apples...

Tasted four different kinds of apples…

Then picked our favorite with popsicle stick ballots!

…then picked our favorite with Popsicle stick ballots!

Dr. Sherkow showed us how to bob for apples!

Made caramel apples with sprinkles, and dipped apple slices in caramel!

Some made caramel apples with sprinkles, and some just dipped apple slices in caramel!

In our physical activity time, we have also practiced walking carefully with apples balanced on our head- not an easy feat for anyone!

Using fresh apples not only provides a healthy snack for our Spark youngsters, but also teaches them about our local produce, and how to enjoy it while participating in a fun group activity.

As the focus of the season shifts to Halloween and the upcoming Holidays, we are hard at work planning more activities that all of our children and teens can enjoy together.

What do you want to see happen at Spark? What was your favorite apple activity? Let us know!