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Announcing “The Spark Group”!

Spark Group

Spark is a supportive mentoring group program for young people with ASD or special needs, designed to help them socialize and grow.  Spark teaches them to have conversations, engage in leisure skills, and most number of children or teens with special needs and those who are typically-developing.  Participants are paired with buddies to serve as social models, mentors, and friends.

A new weekly group begins on May 7th through June 18th, 2014 at The Sherkow Center for Child Development & ASD.  9 East 93rd Street.  New York, New York  10128

To enroll, groups are formed by appointment with directors Susan P. Sherkow, M.D. and Jenifer Clark, PhD.  For more information, please contact us at 212-722-0090 or thesherkowcenter@gmail.com.