Yoga Workshop Fundraiser

On Saturday, April 30th, 2016 at 5pm, come join us on a journey of self-reflection and compassion with the incredibly talented yoga instructor Helene Kehervé at the Om Factory. Our goal is to raise awareness of the challenges that autistic children face, as well as raise money for scholarships to help them and their families.

We often take for granted the ability we as humans have to self-reflect and understand ourselves, our emotions, our bodies, and the world that surrounds us. For those diagnosed with ASD or a developmental disorder, such insight may be a difficult or impossible process, one that affects cognitive processing as well as social interaction. While the exact figure is always changing, the number of individuals diagnosed with autism has tripled in the past ten years. Yet sadly, treatment for these conditions is not affordable to a vast majority of the people who struggle with it, especially children, who can greatly benefit from early and intensive treatment. It is our goal to help these individuals, by funding scholarships through your participation today.

The Sherkow Center for Child Development is an organization that seeks to make a change in children’s lives, whether their diagnosis is ASD or any other developmental disability. It does so by offering comprehensive, psychodynamic treatment that also incorporates the latest neurobiological research in these fields: the goal is to better understand the biology related to any outward symptoms, and therefore better understand each child in order to help him. The Sherkow Center also teaches coping and socialization skills and provides real-world experience through its weekly Spark groups, which pairs children on the spectrum with similarly aged mentors. The Sherkow Center provides a scholarship fund for any individuals who need assistance in seeking its treatment- every dollar raised from this event will go directly towards supporting this fund, and the children benefitting from it!

The cost of this yoga session is $45 per person. Unfortunately, space is limited (30 to 35 max), so respond today and save your spot!

Our goal for our first event is to raise $2,000, which will go towards The Sherkow Center. With your participation, it will be possible to buy new art materials, access resources, and help children attend the Center’s Spark program!

Every dollar raised counts. Even if you cannot make the event, a small donation would be tremendously appreciated. Help us make a difference in the lives of those who need it.

– The Junior Committee for The Sherkow Center